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In order to participate in JBQ / TBQ the following should be considered
** Attend regular practice session.
** Children should obey the coaches rules and regulations.
** At least one parent should volunteer during practice sessions.
X Dear parents,

It has been a wonderful first year of participating in the JBQ Bible quizzing program offered for kids in grades 1 through 6. Our Junior quizzers just returned from an exciting experience at the Regional tournament held in Massachusetts. 

Congratulations Quizzers!

As we look forward to begin the new season, here are some more information on the program..

What is JBQ?

Junior Bible Quizzing (JBQ) is a nationwide program for children in grades 1-6, in which children learn questions and answers about the Bible (using the Bible Fact-Pak Study guide) and then compete in a quiz show format with teams from other churches.  Upon completion of the program, a child will have learned 576 questions and answers and memorized over 100 key verses of scripture.  In addition to providing a basis for a strong and lasting relationship with God, Bible Quiz also helps develop discipline, good study habits, sportsmanship, and the ability to work as part of a team.

The Baltimore League

IFC is associated wit the Baltimore league for the JBQ program. In the Baltimore League quizzing is divided into Primary and Junior Divisions.  Primary Quizzers (grades 1-3) quiz only on the 10 point questions (1-288) while the Junior Quizzers (grades 4-6) are responsible for all 576 questions.

Open for enrollment

Our JBQ program at IFC is open for enrollment from now until 31 July 2016.  We are currently enrolling for Primary team (grade 1-3) and Junior team (grade 4-6), based on the grade of the quizzer for the 2016- 17 school year. All quizzers need to be registered including those who have been in the program in the past year. 

We have a summer study program as a preparation for the next season, so it will be of great benefit to the quizzers if they are registered early (before June 01). This will help the quizzers learn the material at a more relaxed pace!

We will NOT be able to enroll any quizzers to the 2016-17 season after the 31 July 2016 deadline.

Your commitment :
1. Studying the material :

It is the responsibility of the parents to encourage and manage the study of the quizzers from the study guide. We will however provide guidelines and study plans to manage the study patterns of the quizzers. The primary quizzers will have to memorize 288 questions/answers and the Juniors will work on memorizing 576 questions/answers. It does take a lot of commitment and hard work to study and also a time commitment to study and to attend all practice meets held at IFC leading to league and district meets in other churches. During the practice meets at IFC we evaluate the quizzers' progress and will also have some practice quiz rounds and team building exercises.

2. Registration cost :
The registration cost for JBQ 2016-17 are ..
$20 - for quizzers already enrolled in the program (2015-16)
$40 - for new quizzers (includes Bible Fact-Pak Study guide and team t-shirt)
$30 - for new quizzers (includes team t-shirt)
3. Commitment to volunteer :

A parent or a teen family member is required to commit to volunteer at practice meets held at IFC and be certified as an official for JBQ meets. Certification includes completing an online test, for which we would provide guidance and material. The practice meet volunteer dates will be available for signup in the begininng of September 2016.

JBQ Dates : 

The League competition dates (Saturdays) for the 2016-17 season are..
Meet #1 - 10/8/16
Meet #2 - 11/19/16
Meet #3 - 1/14/17
Meet #4 - 2/11/17
Semi-finals - 3/4/17
District finals - 3/25/17
Regional finals - 4/28/17 & 4/29/17
In addition to the above dates, the practice meet (held at IFC) dates (Sundays) for the coming season
September 2016 - 4, 18
October 2016 - 2, 16, 30
November 2016 - 13
December 2016 - 4, 18
January 2017 - 8, 22, 29
February 2017 - 5, 19, 26
March 2017 - 12, 19
April 2017 - 2, 16 ( only for the Junior teams)

If you and your child are interested to be a part of this program for the 2016-17 season, please complete the registration form and submit them at the church to any of the Sunday school teachers/IFC committee members/JBQ leaders. All registration checks to be made payable to "IFC". If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us ..

Sofia Solomon : 240-813- 5976
Sheela Martin : 240-344- 3188
Thank you,
JBQ Team
God bless you!

Is your child interested to participate in praise and worship along with the Choir   Yes   No *
Music Instruments  
In order to participate in music / singing the following should be considered.
** Attend regular practice session.